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T&B Cake Craft deals with exquisite cakes and has produced about 7-8 tier cakes too. Among the classic choices, and the contemporary ones, there is a lot of demand of embroidered, appliqued cakes and the ones with sugar flower ones. Inspired by original fabric, the cake experts at T&B Cake Craft come up with phenomenal applique work which somehow remind us of the hip sixties cake art. The colours are chosen such that they go with the theme of the entire wedding.

The cake tower can be flamboyant or give a soothing effect in the overall aesthetics of the wedding ceremony. T&B Cake Craft ensures that the precious day of your wedding becomes the most memorable day and the cake cutting moment becomes the most precious memory of your life and you can trust us with the wedding cake, to say the least.

We also offer egg free and gluten free cakes on demand. The flavour of the sponge along with the choice of nuts is also yours. Excellent birthday cakes are not just about good aesthetics, we ensure that they are excellent in taste too.

Birthday cakes get even more important if they are for special people in your life. You explain the choices of special people in your life and we will ensure that the T&B baked cake is as per their interests and at the end of the day you realize that the cake choices offered by our cake experts was the excellent choice.

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